Georgie Reflexology
Gillingham, Dorset

How Reflexology works

The art of reflexology dates back to the Ancient Chinese and Egyptians and the Native Americans Indians who still practise today.

Dr. William Fitzgerald brought 'Zone Therapy' to the west in 1913. This relates areas of the body to areas on the feet. By working both feet completely the entire body can be treated. In 1930, Eunice Ingham further developed the Zone Therapy into what is recognised as Reflexology. she noted that congestion or tension in the foot was mirrored in the corresponding part of the body.

Whist I take a full client history of lifestyle and health on their initial appointment I can often see just by looking and feeling the feet where the physical and emotion problems lie. I also spend time talking about emotional support and issues as these can often be more of the problem than the health issue. Once a problem is shared, if the client wants to, they find their health improves accordingly.

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