Georgie Reflexology
Gillingham, Dorset

Why Reflexology is effective

Reflexology is one of the few alternative therapies that will not only re-balance the body but the mind also. Once clients can feel more at ease in themselves they are more able to deal with life changes and challenges and experience that great feeling of wellbeing. I generally find that people can relax quickly here and this will lead to me being able to achieve very good results quickly. The session will take approximately one hour (although the first requires longer) where I work approximately 40 movements per foot. I will work the whole body through the feet and re-visit the places showing imbalance. I finish the session with relaxation breathing techniques. I can also show hand reflexology movements for clients to 'self treat' between treatments.

During the sessions clients can truly unwind as I have developed a gentle way to work the feet to relieve congestion of energy that may have built up and is uncomfortable when pressure is applied. Sometimes clients can experience an immediate response to that area being worked on and some may need several sessions. Once balance is achieved, many will use me as their monthly 'treat'.

At the end of a session the client will usually be very sleepy and may feel chilled. This means they have relaxed well and the body has began working to re-balance itself and my advice is that they should not put themselves under force to work hard or stress themselves so they get the most from their time spent here.

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