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Gillingham, Dorset

Georgie Peaurt

I offer Reflexology sessions from my home in Gillingham Dorset and also via a mobile service to relax and de-stress you in your home.

I have developed my practice over the years to make sure I offer a thorough treatment but offered in a very relaxed setting and style. Emphasis here is to leave people re-balanced and energised through systematic pressure given to their feet incorporating a lot of massage. Besides the peaceful hour you will spend with me I can also help, if required, with relaxation techniques through hand reflexology.

Hand reflexology is also very powerful and relaxing and can be useful and beneficial if you feel that you don't want initially to have it on your feet.

I have a practice within my home which is located in Gillingham in a quiet setting and has parking outside for easy access.

Reflexology can be used as a preservative measure to maintain good health or help people with many conditions including:-

Confidence issues
Eczema/various skin conditions
Back and neck pain
Hip and walking problems
Insomnia & other stress related issues
Digestive/circulatory problems
Menopause and other hormonal imbalances
To name but a few!

If you are feeling like life is an up-hill struggle Reflexology could well be the answer you are looking for. The Mind/Body connection is so strong that sometimes we don't realise that with a small change in direction a lot can be achieved. I think the results are so good to what I call the 3 'T' s-

'Time' - Something that we do not give ourselves enough of.

'Touch' - There are 7,200 nerve endings in the feet - they send powerful pleasure signals to the brain.

'Talk' - A chance to unload some 'life laundry' or share stressful issues, which can be beneficial and empowering.

Having qualified in 2006 with the Association of Reflexologists (Level 3 Diploma) I ran a successful business in the Midlands. I was privileged to meet some wonderful clients many of whom I am still in touch with today. I was visited by people from all walks of life from ladies and gentlemen with sleeping problems to children with confidence issues and all of whom saw an improvement. I also became a Speaker at WI Groups and other clubs to spread the word of this brilliant therapy until I moved to Germany in 2011. I have recently returned to the UK and have re-started my business. If you have a questions please do not hesitate to call me to discuss any further questions you may have about Reflexology.

Shaftsbury 5.5 miles
Yeovil 22.4 miles

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